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Friday, September 09, 2005

Finally fixed a very annoying off-by-one bug

God I hate those off-by-one bugs. Namely, for the past several days already, we had a problem with 1-byte-gaps in the BT downloads. As I finally found out, the bug was in BT module (as I expected), in the virtual files wrapper; namely, when data was written to a child object, the parent objects completed map was incorrectly updated (off-by-one), which resulted in the broken behaviour.

Also, I reverted the IPV4Addr patch today - it caused more problems than it solved. Ed2k module does a lot of black magic with ips/ids, and that patch broke all of it; we don't have the time or resources right now to handle such things, otherwise we just end up hacking the same modules for years-to-come, w/o ever moving on. You can't make such fundamental API change so late into the project.

The rest of the day went to hardcore memory debugging with valgrind - I disovered a small number of problems (two uninitialized variables and broken sockets deletion), which were fixed.

Madcat, ZzZz

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