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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Minor updates

There's been some distractions on the Real Life side that prevented me from spending vast amounts of time on this project, so not much updates during past days (since the last post). However, there have been some minor ones.

Cyberz found that he can use my ed2k parser engine for kademlia parsing, with trivial change. It was originally planned that the ed2k parser engine would be generic for using with other networks as well, and this shows that that intention was (at least partially) achieved. All it took was moving the packet header parsing code to a Policy class, and there we go.

On the bittorrent side, I re-wrote the virtual file wrappers implementation, now based on RangeList engine. The resulting code got lot cleaner, less error-prone (and possibly even slightly faster). See for yourself.

Among other things, the above patch fixed a rather bad bug in BT downloading - namely, the last chunk hash for each file was actually done AFTER the file was completed (after final rehash, but before moving - IF the transfer rate was high enough). This no longer happens.


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