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Thursday, September 22, 2005

SpeedMeters, fixes and allocation moved to io-thread

Yesterday ... well, that wasn't a good day. Everyone knows one shouldn't drink and code. And everyone knows premature optimizations are the root of all evil. And also, everyone knows that programmers are the last persons to know about the bottlenecks in their apps. And yet still everyone ignores those simple rules. That's exactly what I did on the night before today as well - namely, the Scheduler optimizations, and the getTick() optimization. The getTick() one broke script (and caused chemical to almost lose his entire statistics history); the Scheduler patch introduced a huge memory leak (~60mb leaked in 12 hrs), at least two segflt's and gave near-zero performance boost. In addition to that, the added FileRating support in searchresults was broken as well, the reality is that servers just send the tag right now, but no clients yet provide this data to servers, so the servers just send nulls right now. Sigh.

Recovering from that setback, and starting fresh today, here are the new accomplishments of tonight's coding session:
Madcat, ZzZz

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