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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

ed2k_kad code in svn; misc updates

The most important news today is the addition of ed2k_kad module to the main codebase. Developed by cyberz, it's still not working, but the base structures are in place, and some initial communication with the network has been implemented. It also includes a generic Kademlia algorithm template, which is now part of hncore library, and will be re-used for all Kademlia-based networks.

sca is continueing his work on improving the build system, the latest addition is revision 2036, which adds proper handling for MODULE_DIR variable, new wrapper scripts which properly handle plugin/library locations, and many miscellaneous improvements.

Wubbla has been busy with stabilizing http module, which showed a number of crashes during last testing; there's hope that the module can be enabled by default in next release.

Personally I haven't been able to do much coding past few days, due to real-life-related problems. The bittorrent module simplification topic is still open, but I did some brainstorming today and visualized (on paper) the entire user interface. Some details still need work, and I'm no photoshop guru, so I can't digitalize it for your viewing pleasure, but this is the first time we have the full user interface visualized completely (previous attempts have only visualized parts or single pages of the interface). What I can say is that it follows the thoughts from previous blog posting, with familiarity, simplicity and extendability as main keywords.


good news ;)
Before adding too many networks, I think it would be best to get the current networks fine tuned and working, so that hydranode is the BEST client for these networks (ed2k and BT). For this, a respectable GUI is needed that gives the user as much control and information as the standalone clients do. I have tried mldonkey many times, on windows and linux, each time hoping it had improved, and found that although it had many networks, ed2k was the only network that actually worked almost comparably to emule or edonkey2000, many of the network plugins which were being released in the official builds/tarballs were so far from complete, some had got to the stage where they could download, but not upload, and there is no way they should have been anywhere near a release.

Although mldonkey's ed2k did work, the GUI i used (sancho) let it down. (I know this is not mldonkey project's responsibility, and the http interface is very good). It seemed very disconnected, the seperation between core and GUI was obvious, and although i pressed buttons etc, the things i expected to happen never happen (eg in search window, "Download" did nothing at all). I am trying Shareaza right now, and so far I am quite impressed with it, of course it is nowhere near as extendable as hydranode, and is not aiming nearly as high ( :D ), but it actually properly supports the networks it includes (ed2k, G1 and G2). I think the gnutella networks are *very* important to implement from an end user point of view, compared to ed2k they are very fast, and downloads start immediatly, not in 5 hours. But ed2k and BT support must be perfected first!
Mythdl i think that KAd its important, if you think, its not a new network, but a descentralized server for edonkey
" Mythdl i think that KAd its important, if you think, its not a new network, but a descentralized server for edonkey "

Kad is a serverless network, so it isn't a "decentralized server for eDonkey".

I agree to the opinion about MLDonkey. It has support for a lot of networks, but many of them aren't working that good.
Shareaza isn't bad too, but the current support for Gnutella isn't good (will be improved by the next version). BT is a bit strange too (IMO), and I'm missing some things in eD2K. G2 is a cool network, but doesn't offer that many files.
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