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Monday, October 31, 2005

Server change, ed2k improvements

The server hosting the website, svn etc was changed today; everything's now running on the new server, but some things aren't fully configured yet, however the main things (site, svn, mail) seem to be up and running properly.

I'v been testing and tracking performance issues in ed2k plugin, due to several reports of Hydranode's ed2k plugin being slower than the other ed2k clients. Thankfully, we have extensive logging capabilities in ed2k module, so optimizing/fine-tuning the module simply means going through hundreds of megabytes of log data. We currently have two tools for this job -, which does a overall analysis, and displays various statistics, such as average download-session lengths, percentages of failed/succeeded udp queries etc; and a newly-added, which splits the trace log into per-client log chunks, so you can quickly see all data for each client, separately. The output of the latter is what makes currently debugging it really easy, since I no longer have to grep the log by ip all the time, but I can simply scroll through the post-processed log and see how each client behaved, where communication ended etc, including the timestamps of each operation.

Based on all that data, I'v managed to discover, and solve a number of issues of various nature; the details of those issues aren't relevant (you can see them in the corresponding checkin messages); theoretically the performance is getting better, but outside confirmations are missing yet (should get some outside reports in a few days hopefully).

Madcat, ZzZz

PS: I'm looking for documentation on Azureus PeerExchange protocol (equivalent to ed2k sourceexchange), as well as Azureus DHT trackerless system - to my knowledge, no documentation on it exists; please prove me wrong.

Are you sure it is best to use the Az DHT system? the official client and Bitcomet, and soon utorrent all use the same (seperate from Azureus) DHT. However they are all Kad based so implementing any of these networks should make implementing future distributed networks easier
Only found this:

Sadly, no technical info found... :(
The advantage of the Azureus implementation (if I remember corectly) is that it also includes a distributed database so you can download a file even if you don't have the torrent for it but have the magnet link.
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