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Monday, November 28, 2005

BT performance improved by 3-4 times

I discovered some possible issues with our DNS resolver, namely it was using port 1024 by default always, which could result in problems when other apps use the port for other things, so I changed it to listen on random port above 1024 instead, to avoid possible collisions in the future.

Then I used the aforementioned Object system (that's been our friend for number of things in the past) to "hide" the torrent's internals from hnsh download-list view. Now only the top-level "virtual" file is shown, the sub-files aren't shown at all. Soon I'll add "vd X" command, which will display more information (including the sub-files) about each download. Other upcoming changes to hnsh are "names" command (lists known file names for a download) and "comments" command (should be self-explanatory). The detail-view of a download, via "vd X" command, will also show other important things, such as availability.

On BT module, I started adding support for proper choking/unchoking system. It holds the key to BT downloading performance, since it's almost guaranteed to get a download slot from a client within next 30 seconds after you unchoke it (e.g. allow it to start uploading). As a result of the preliminary implementation, BT download-rates went up by about 3-4 times, showing how important this feature is. It still needs some work, we sometimes do wierd stuff, such as choking a client, and then instantly unchoking it, but the initial results are really amazing.

Madcat, ZzZz

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