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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

BT updates and some API changes

Some 12 hours of coding and over 20 checkins today, showing some progress. Main targets were fixing open issues with BT, and moving towards hiding the internals of BT from the user - namely the spammy contents of the torrent. While I didn't get to actual hiding, most of the pre-work was already done, and I figured out a way to do the hiding (e.g. "package" concept) using existing API's, without creating any new systems. Namely, I realized that we still have that virtual filesystem / Object tree thingie at our disposal, AND PartData is-an Object, thus it can marry and have children. And then we'll just stuff the children in the back room, tell them to play quietly, and nobody will ever know what we did. Unless someone really wants to see them, in which case he/she can ofcourse see them.

However, before we can actually do that, we need to make sure that when the parent dies, it takes the children with it (orphan children? not a good idea). Also, if one parent dies, it's most likely that the other must die as well (widows ? not a good idea either). So if PartData dies, SharedFile may still survive (he's the strongest side of the relationship), but if SharedFile dies, PartData shall die as well (out of sadness and misery).

Raising children is hard work, and recently, we had a lot if issues there, with children getting corrupted by the evilness of the world outside. The problem was that we attempted to teach them the same thing multiple (three) times, twice too early and once too late. Children shouldn't learn about some stuff too early in their life, and repeating the same lesson too many times tends to backfire... Anyway, this no longer happens.

Another thing is that we attempted to raise the children all the same, not caring about their historical backgrounds, so they all ended up at the same location. With one or two children, this wasn't an issue, but some ppl are raising hundreds of children at a time, which created a HUGE mess once they grew up. Now they are all placed into different locations, based on their backgrounds. It'll be possible to manually specify target locations for them in the future, via additional settings during birth.

Madcat, ZzZz

Wow. It's good to be the king!
u have a telent for describe complicated stuff ;)
Childrens, mothers, fathers... Incest?
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