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Monday, November 07, 2005

Miscellaneus updates

Despite the lacking blog post past few days, there is a fairly normal level of activity going around in the background. SVN is back up, and seems it's working for good now, no more crashes. Wubbla has been busy improving the HTTP module, the latest news is that the mirror-searching engine was moved to a separate, standalone plugin. Whether or not it will be included in the official builds is currently being debated, but I'm currently thinking it should be available as an additional download/add-on. Not everything should be in official tree - quality over quantity.

The publishing of BT module for wider testing, and moving it from Pre-Alpha to Alpha state caused some activity at our bug-tracker, which was expected. Most of the reported issues were fixed within hours, while some more complex ones are still open, pending deeper investigation.

ed2k module and related things also saw some minor bugfixes; the most serious one was the final discovery of the origins of the "chunks without hashes" warning that had been popping out sometimes (also caused downloads to stall at 100% sometimes). The actual reason behind this is that we have a mess at MetaDb, and duplicate entries sometimes, which in turn caused ed2k module to request hashsets from clients (based on information from one MetaData object), but then drop them, since adding them to a different MetaData object failed (they were already present). I fixed the symtoms - checks and additions are done with same MetaData object now - but the deeper cause for this needs a more serious investigation. This isn't the first issue I'v discovered in MetaData / MetaDb subsystem, and that subsystem is one of a very short list of core subsystems that have been unchanged since the dawn of time, so they have been marked for rewrite for quite some time now - just collecting enough issues/bugs to squash them all at once once we get there.

For the record, in addition to MetaData subsystem, the only other one that I can recall right now that has been unchanged since the beginning of the project is Config subsystem (a fairly small one), and the issues there are mainly syntactical - it's inconvenient to use, and the parsing code uses STL, while it should use Boost.Spirit. However, it's unlikely those topics will be addressed in fore-seeable future, since other things have higher priority.

Real life issues have been plagueing me again, and coupled with the recent SVN downtimes, there's been little "progress" in the general term (bugfixing/testing/maintainance can't be called progress). Continued work on the BT module requires lot of energy and concentration due to the complexity of things there, so it requires real-life issues to be out of the way.

Madcat, ZzZz

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