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Saturday, November 26, 2005

New builds, and more

First and foremost, as you can see on the right side of this page, new builds are available for testing. Among other updates, HTTP module is now fully documented, making it the first externally-developed module to become fully compliant with Hydranode coding standards. All hail wubbla :)

Secondly, I finally got sufficient access rights at the server, so I could start fixing the stuff that broke during server change. Mail stuff is now working again, e.g. you can mail me again, forum registrations work and CIA IRC bot works. What doesn't work currently is mailing list, and re-sending activation mails from forum. The latter seems to be a bug in forum software, so I attempted to upgrade the forum to latest version (we'r like 4 releases behind already), however the first attempt to upgrade failed (I'm a programmer, not a unix/web/admin :)). Still, I'll try to give it another shot tomorrow night, I think the upgrade is neccesery.

An interesting thing happened today - I discovered that the cooler of my main system (3.2ghz prescott) had been dead and not working for unknown amount of time already. One would'v thought that considering the "oh-so-hot" Prescott CPU would'v overheated by now under the workload, but no - it has probably ran w/o any cooling at all for a month or more, and I didn't even notice. Temps seem to be around 60-65C, which is normal for such cpu's ... funny :)

Madcat, ZzZz

Not overheat maybe because energy-saving features?
prescotts have thermal throtling - they reduce frequency internally in case of overheating. so madcat could not use his cpu in full power for a month :)
Actually, having a really good heatsink that works with heatpipes really helps - after fixing the fan, the temps dropped two degrees (58 idle, 63 load). Such monster heatsinks don't really need them fans, but some case cooling is still needed.

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