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Saturday, November 12, 2005

New builds and updates

Due to some important updates for HTTP module, new builds are now available for Linux, and Windows, as well as source package. The updates include improved support for various different webservers that do things "their way".

Other than that, it's been quiet in the development front; I'm gathering energy to finish BT module, which is a really frustrating and boring stuff.

Performance tests of ed2k module are now showing that we'r nearing eMule's performance; while we'r still somewhat behind in some cases, we'r catching up. The lack of Kademlia is slowing the "startup" time, where eMule gets say 600 sources via Kad instantly, while it takes about a hour for Hydranode to get that amount of sources via global source queries and source-exchange. Sadly, Hydranode Kademlia module development was halted, since the developer doing it no longer had time for it, so it's unclear when Hydranode will support it. One thing is clear, I won't be coding that anytime soon, since there are other things that require my attention for at least 4-5 months - BT, cgcomm, GUI and FTP come to mind.


Great to hear about a new build again. Yesterday I tried HN the first time and got stuck compiling, so I took the last build available (r2197). Unfortunately I was unable to get a torrent to start downloading. I enabled autostartTorrents in the ini file, it found my torrents in folder, but it didn't start...
Well sad to hear about the kad dev stopped.
Keep on the great work!
You should provide new builds, as r2233 fixed a rather serious bug in the http-module... (
> Mathias said...
> Great to hear about a new build
> again. Yesterday I tried HN the
> first time and got stuck
> compiling...

Compiling HN is surprisingly easy.
Debian Sarge:

1. Get necessaries Linux libs and Programs:

- c++
- build-essentials
- subversion
- libboost-dev
- librrds-perl

aptitude install PAKETNAME

2. Get Hydranode source with subversion:
cd ~
svn co svn://

3. Get boost-bjam und boost-lib-header from
de-tar both in your home

compile bjam:
cd ~/boost-jam*
./ gcc

copy linux/bjam to ~/hydranode/hydranode/
(the dir with Jamfile und Jamrules)

~/boost-jam* can be deleted. ~/boost_1_* stay.

4. compile Hydranode:
cd to the dir with Jamfile and Jamrules (~/hyranode/hydranode)

./bjam release

copy ./lib/* + ./plugins/* + ./hydranode in a dir of your choice.


Wanna see a realy hard to compile p2p app ? Try :-(
Very sad, Kademlia is a must. I hope some new developer joins and developing the Kademlia stuff :)
I hope Ticket #136 will be fixed first, so the bt module can realy be used. :-)
Ticket #136 is already partially fixed in newest changesets, altough depending on your situation, it may not yet fully work. Expect final complete fix tomorrow.

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