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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Photoshop and GUI design in general

Learning Photoshop is progressing nicely; learning from mistakes and understanding the problems. I realized my colour-sense is way off course, and needs a lot of work. I also seem to be way over-using gradients for 3d effects, while there are actually lot of other effects that can be used to achieve the same thing - almost any effect or combination of effects can be used to create a small 3d-look. As was expected, the first attempt at the GUI drawing in Photoshop is being discarded.

Anyway, I decided to approach the GUI problem in the similar way as I'v approached core designs in the past - with a thorough analysis and design document. While the analysis and design topics have been active for a long time, now is the time to put all that stuff together into a single concrete document, that will later serve as reference during implementation. Today I layed out the basic structure of the document; about 5 chapters, 15 sub-titles, plus prologue and epilogue, so it should result in around 30-page document describing various topics in Hydranode GUI design, as well as proposed solutions.

Madcat, ZzZz

wtf man, i thought you were programmer, not a designer. now i guess you must be a genius of some kind. or did you attend both programming and art schools? :)

nice work on hydranode anyway. i really appreciate it ;)
Actually, I'm neither, but due to different factors, I was forced into learning programming, and likewise, am currently forced into learning design.

Anyway, programming and design are rather similar - both require logical thinking (which I seem to have), skill (which can be learned) and some common sense.

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