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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Testing day

Due to the rather large amount of new/changed code during past two days I was forced to dedicate today for more thorough testing, while limiting the new code flowing into the codebase. You have to let the things cool down after beating it for a while, otherwise you end up with deeper problems (notice the analogy with blacksmithing).

So, the short changelog of fixes that came up during regress-testing, as well as bunch of tickets being closed (I like to keep the open ticket count at bugtracker at a reasonable size).
Madcat, ZzZz

Btw. the DNS resolver doesn't follow /etc/host.conf: order hosts,bind
it never consider /etc/hosts entries.

At last I can't see a change of tracker IP after changeing name<->IP in /etc/hosts as workaround of a tracker failure with the IP of another tracker.
So many changes, that I HAVE to ask:
Is there a Linux build coming anytime soon? :)
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