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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Donations via Moneybrookers, and misc fixes

While I'm looking for options to make Paypal donations work, I set up an intermediate solution via Moneybrookers, which works in more countries than Paypal. Their website is at, where you need to register (if not already registered). To send me money, just use the email address shown on the right side of this blog post.

On code side, I did some profiling, but didn't turn up anything useful. There's some rare case where BT module starts maxing out CPU usage, which I was hoping to catch within the profiler to determine the cause, but, as was expected, the issue never happened when running in profiler. Still, the following miscellaneous things got fixed today:
On GUI design note, another few pages of sketches were generated during a brainstorming session with our designer, and I believe we have a pretty solid layout finished for search, transfer and media library pages. Initial drafts were also done for Home / Statistics pages, but currently there are more questions than answers on those pages.

Madcat, ZzZz

Interesting article about Estonia:

How about pledging donations towards specific goals? I really would like to send some bugs ( :) ) I i think moneybookers is one of the few online providers that accept Visa Electron (max security online - I get it charged only with the money I'm spending) so good choice. Beware of paypal!
I see nothing wrong with goal-specific donations (bounties). In fact, the option has been discussed in the past.

Just drop me a mail on the specifics (what feature/bug and what you'r offering), and I'll set up a Bounties page, through which others can also set bounties for specific goals or support existing goals.

Could you give us an estimate what e.g. net access costs in Estonia? This is not to spy on you but to figure out how much I should donate ^^
My current monthly costs for developing this project are around €130 ($160), which includes:

€36 ($44) for 1.5mbit/512mbit net
€30 ($37) for electricity (several computers)
€60 ($75) for monthly lease of one computer (linux box)

That's the bare minimum needed to cover the bills, anything over that is used for food and such (I don't have any other income sources, since I'm working on Hydranode full-time).

Food and other miscellaneous expenses total an additional €200 ($230), so in total I need about €330 ($390) monthly to survive.

It could be really nice if putting a bounty system in the page, the people that donate more than, by example, $50USD can create a new bounty.

What do you think? :)

I think that Madcat need his work payed fully, for me Hydranode is the P2P being developed ever, it has the best concepts together in the best form. Thanks a lot!
All I can say is thank you Madcat! I just send you a few bucks (all I had on MB) and uploaded some more funds that I will send out when they reached MB. Even if Paypal is a bit easier to use for me (they can withdraw money from my account and you get it instantly without fees, and I can setup a monthly donation) this Moneybookers is also acceptable.
I would like the bounty system too, as it would also be a possibility for you to see what is wanted (from me :)
Keep on!
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