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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Extending vacation

I realized you can't really have a vacation / rest with just three days, so I'll be on vacation until past new year. Will be returning around 3rd/4th January or so.

Meanwhile, I put up new builds of the last big changeset; actually I wanted to put them up before xmas, but was just too exhausted and xmas arrived too fast :). Anyway, enjoy the new builds, and happy end-of-the-year / new-year's beginning :)


I read over your blog, and i found it inquisitive, you may find My Blog interesting. My blog is just about my day to day life, as a park ranger. So please Click Here To Read My Blog
"I read over your blog..."

uh... sure.
What about some anti-spam filter? :/

I was registered to "moneybrokers" (stupid joke, lol) but I can't verify my account. After many tried, now it says "your account has been deactivated and you can't process pays...", I don't know what to do, they want to be alternative and even more problems registering than paypal? :/
I was registered to "moneybrokers" (stupid joke, lol)

Personally I always typo it as 'monkeybrookers' :D

but I can't verify my account

IIRC, they make an empty payment to your bank account, and in the comment/description of that payment is your verification key.

Happy New Year!!! :)
Happy new year Madcat and enjoy your extended holidays :)
Thanks for the great work in 2005!

a Park Ranger reading A MultiNetwork P2P Develop Blog...

And then they say Santa doesn't exist! ;)

Happy new year to all of us...

6 or 7 people ;)
Thanks a lot Madcat, but it says some problem when trying to verify. I'll send an email to them...
A little late, but... HAPPY 2006!!
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