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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Lots of new stuff checked in

Been about 25 checkins to the repository today, most of which was the result of yesterday's long coding session with final touchups today; also checked in the prior work on cgcomm done cpl days ago. Here's the complete [human-readable] listing of new stuff:
Madcat, ZzZz


Congraturation! You are working so hard I hope you'll rest during Christmas!! =)
....let me think....

Perhpas Christmas's code has an ancient esoteric power!! ;-)

Merry Christmas
That's some really nice code :)
Just two things I think are worth mentioning:
* The protocol uses little endian encoding, but network byte order is big endian. This is just a bagatelle but I think it would be wiser to go with big endian, just because it opens the eyes of possible third-party implementors to endian issues.
* There is no unicode support, as far as I can tell. Unless std::string magically recognises unicode from raw bytes this should be added (think about the chinese, quite a few possible HN users ^^)

Merry Christmas :)


P.S.: Sth. just crossed my mind: we need versioning support in the protocol. I dind't check wheter we already have that, so it's possible you already implemented that ;)

What about Loki?

Loki is the name of a C++ software library written by Andrei Alexandrescu as part of his book Modern C++ Design.

The library makes extensive use of C++ template metaprogramming and implements several commonly used tools: functor, singleton, smart pointer, object factory, visitor and multimethods.

Originally the library was compilable only by two most standard conforming C++ compilers (CodeWarrior and Comeau): later effort has allowed to use it on wide array of compilers (including older Visual C++ 6.0 and Borland C++ Builder 6.0). Compiler vendors had used Loki as compatibility benchmark; this further increased amount of compliant compilers.

Maintenance and further development of Loki has been put on Sourceforge, unfortunately the project got almost abandoned. Similar tools and functionality as in Loki is now also present in the Boost library collection.

What their books? It could be interesting even without using Loki?
I hope you never appear on THE DAILY WTF:

I think you never will appear on it ;)
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