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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New features in Hydranode Shell

Developing experience on Windows is completely different from the development experience on Linux. On Linux, I feel a strong focus towards creating really tidy and nifty code, worry about how the code looks like and so on. Windows platform, however, changes the way I look at the app and development, and focus changes - towards features and usability improvements. Given my background of several years of Linux development, naturally I cannot drop code tidyness/niftyness levels, but my focus still is more towards features / usability rather than "more cool code". I don't really know what causes this (besides the environment change), but that's how it is.

Towards that end, I started adding some long overdue features that you, the users, have been missing longer than you should have. The first two of the feature set that I intend to continue over the next few days, are multi-selection of objects, and download destination directory overriding on download start.

Basically, the syntax is command 1-3,7,8,12, which will cause the command to affect objects 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, and 12. This support has been added to download, pause, stop, resume and cancel commands. Hence, you can now download search results #100-110 by simply typing do 100-110.

The other improvement that was introduced today - changing destination directory of downloads - is even simpler. Syntax: do 100 /data/video will start download from search-result #100, and once the download is completed, it will be placed in /data/video folder, instead of the default incoming directory. Naturally, you can also use do 10-15 /data/series to download all 6 of those results into the specified folder. Note that this feature is not currently available when starting downloads from links, and it's not possible to change destinations of existing downloads. These issues will be addressed over the next few days.

Pondering about our upload-slot-management issues - namely, I discovered that we fail to use up all bandwidth when upload limit is set higher than 25kb, which I never tested - I realized that we must change the upload-slot-opening code to take upload-limit into account when determining the default/recommended slot-count. We need that in any case, since in BT, we must also ensure about 4kb/s per slot. However, that cannot happen when upload speed limit is set to 0 / unlimited. After some thought, I realized that unlimited upload-limit is a really bad idea in any case, since vast majority of users are on DSL links, on which networking slows down to crawl when you max out your links uploadrate. The bottom line is that Hydranode now rejects unlimited upload-rate setting completely. If you really-really want to set unlimited upload limit, you can set an insanely high value, but then again, why would you want to set higher value than your link speed?

Madcat, ZzZz

PS: Builds from r2473 are now available. Main fix is that now the win32 builds should run on any modern Windows system - the previous ones were rather broken actually due to redistribution-related errors.

More usability is a good thing.
Thank you :-)
Talking about features...
Is HN now ready for multi-network download ? (addsource)
And btw. how do the IP-Filter work ? (guarding.p2p import)
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