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Friday, January 27, 2006

Bugtracker cleanup

Since the bugtracker has started to fill up due to the recent slower development, I decided to do some cleanup there and fix stuff. With some 12-hour devsession, I managed to close 12 tickets total, most of which were fixed, 1 or 2 were duplicates and some were too old or insufficient information to debug further. Anyway, quite a bunch of crashes were fixed, and few wrong behaviours.

I'm also working towards a new feature-set, which includes proper file-names storage (so you can see what name is most popular on network etc), as well as comments storage. This however needed some changes in MetaData / MetaDb classes, which means further testing is required before I can check in that code (currently it breaks stuff badly).

Madcat, ZzZz

Bugs bugs bugs... what is life without them? :)

my last bug was much more nasty then 1hr for each one u are or lucky or very good ;)
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