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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New downloadlist formatting in hnsh

Some comments: the availability percentage is calculated from how large amount of the file is available at all, e.g. if one 9500kb chunk of 19MB file has no sources, it will display 50%. Likewise, if one 9500kb chunk of 100MB file is missing on network, the percentage will be around 10%. As a rule, if the percentage is displayed (it's only displayed for running downloads with <100 value), start worrying.

Also note that colors are not available in win32 builds, and there are no plans on adding that support, the logic being that win32 users will be using graphical interfaces soon.

Feedback, thoughts and comments are welcome.


Edit: The typo (transferring missing an 'r') was fixed in svn.

looks great, very good new interface
cool !
Very nice. Do the ascii 'drawing' characters work on linux? Like the lines and filled blocks and corners etc found in DOS (ascii codes>128 from memory)
You should add the colors to the win32 console too. Not all win32 users like guis.
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