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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Small code updates

Since it's staying at below -25 degree margin here (altough there's hope for bit warmth in the beginning of week, after which it's expected to get really cold), and I'm bit pre-occupied with the other things, it's hard to write larger blocks of code or do major updates at same time. However, I managed to push through few smaller updates:

Wow! I even got a mention in the update. ;)

What I will say is related more to the previous post than to this one but I didn't get to say this last time so I'm saying this now.

I have been following Hydranode development for a long time now, almost since the beginning. I was previously following Sharedaemon development and didn't know you had started work on Hydranode until I accidentally stumbled across it. I regularly check your blog (more like everyday actually ;) since it's both interesting and you actually get to see how things get done.

I think Hydranode is a very bold and interesting project, something that's never been done before. I try to give my support in every way I can... I'm not a programmer so I can't really help you in that area, I don't have any credit cards, bank accounts and I have little money myself (I from a country in Eastern Europe) so I can't help you with money either.

So to draw some conclusions here: I think Hydranode is a great idea not because of the copyright infrigment possibilities it would offer, but because it is such a novel idea. Yes, it would be great if Madcat eventually manages to get the cross-network downloads to work, but (and this is a big but) no matter how much I or any other person (I'm sure there are quite a few people) would like this I think the most important thing for Madcat is and should be his life and from all the other comments I have read on this blog I think a lot of other people think the same thing.

So... Good luck Madcat and thank you for everything so far!

PS: Sorry for the long post.
Hi MadCat. When do you think the next release could be, even if it dosen't have a gui?
I prefer to wait for the interface. CanĀ“t wait!
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