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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

0.2 release

After the long wait, Hydranode version 0.2.0 is finally here. From the release notes:
Version 0.2 is a major update to Hydranode Engine, focusing towards new features and functionality. Large parts of codebase have been completely rewritten, other parts have been improved significently.

Major new features include support for Bittorrent protocol, more usable shell interface, completely rewritten HTTP support and many performance improvements in eDonkey module.

Special thanks to Hydranode Quality Assurance team: chemical, frop, dani_555, ak, TobiasTheCommie, wubbla
Quick download links: Windows, Linux, Source code (also needs Boost 1.33.1 headers), and the full ChangeLog.

So, what now? The next thing in the roadmap is user interface, so that's where the focus will be. I did some prelimiary layouting and coding in that area yesterday already, but then realized I need to get 0.2 out of the door before I can concentrate my focus fully on the interface. As with any software piece, the initial versions won't be pretty (the skinning engine is planned as last phase of the user interface development), but I hope to have initial binaries and screenshots available for testing within a week or so.

Madcat, ZzZz

Good Work! Will test it soon

You bring it a whole BitTorrent and ED2K client all by urself...

I can't think of another word :)

I'm agear to see ur UI! ;)
Is BT fully supported? Can I be a seed?
Madcat for president! ;)

Your behavior to your users is excellent, even giving the weird stuff to them :)

Any possibility of adding MLDonkey importing in the future? I'm leeching 24/7 with MLD, want to switch to HN but I prefer to not lose downloaded data.
Thanks A LOT for your awesome project, I think soon it will be the killer P2P app ever!
Madcat, youve done a really awesome job. After your post some time ago I thought you would quite instantly stop developement, but updated to the latest svn today (my build was quite some time old) I realized that it's really great now and finally I got a torrent with the key feature to work! I instantly installed as a service on my server and will keep it running from now on.
Really awesome.
To thank you a bit I just uploaded some funds to my moneybookers account and will send them when they reached it.
Many thanks and keep rockin,
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