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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

First screenshots

I figured, what the hell, let's post some screenshots for your viewing pleasure. So without further delay, here's search and transfer pages, in their current incarnation.

Obviously, there aren't any icons (which make a HUGE difference in how a GUI looks/feels like). Furthermore, screenshot can only show just so much; the tabs mechanism on which I worked put most work on today isn't seeable from the screenshots at all.

Basically, in search page if you click on the nonamed, right-most tab, you get a new search tab. This way you can store your previous search and start new one if you want to; or you can reuse the old tab for new search just the same. This is a modification of what most other clients do, however what I disagree with in other implementations is the need to create a new tab for EVERY search. Give user the option of opening a tab, just as their used to doing in web-browsers, instead of creating gazillion of tabs when the user actually has no intention of returning to the previous results.

Also notice the "location" drop-down box on search page; since Hydranode, at least currently, doesn't have a concept such as "download categories", but instead allows setting destination directory for each file separately at API level, I figured maybe this is more flexible at UI level as well. So instead of creating custom categories with different incoming directories in transfer page, you'll just set up your favourite destination locations for files, and can select them from this drop-down box. Also, you can specify any location on-the-fly for the download as well without having to create a category every time you want to download a file to specific location.

On transfer page, the filter-bar on top and the tab-concept work more strongly together. Namely, when you open a new tab, you get an identical page as the previous; however, using the filterbar, you will be able to customize the active page to your liking - perhaps show only files matching certain name, or certain status or type. Filters will be stored across sessions.

Madcat, ZzZz

Sweet - you are going to see the take up of hydranode skyrocket with the implementation of the GUI.
Lookin good, even without the icons!
Looks pretty nice. All this is already fully functional? Pretty nice, pretty nice, slim and sleek. Ok, the leet guys need a skinning engine, but I'm perfectly satisfied with that.
Will make the switch as soon as it is available and somewhat functional. :)
Noone needs a skinning engine. You'll notice that screenshot is already using a theme, XP's Luna theme. If you want to change it, just change your system theme (remember the uxtheme.dll patch, cos MS doesn't like you using unsigned themes). Instant, system wide, consistent theming that always looks good.

I hope you consider unicode support with the development of GUI.
I expecting when we can touch this baby !!!!
Even with only Transfer and search , its good !!
And about p2p GUI, the Shareaza had the Master Gui !
The idea of user new tab exist in shareaza.

Maybe if you ont know, you can take a look at. !
You work so fast !
Thank MadCat !

So in the end here we are ;)

The look and feel are familiar, so it means you will not scare the new Jhon Doe that want to use this program to download the new Britney song ;)
( ok ok i know that is not the song what he will be looking for O:) )

That's great! ;)

Now a little legal question:

To fast develop do u think could be used the eMule Icon? (r they GPL?)
(not now, i mean when u finish the infrastructure ;) )

I mean before you can show us ur mighty Photoshop skill, that whould made u avoid a lot of work, and a lot of guess by Jhon Doe user ;)

Once again: GREAT WORK!
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