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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Small steps

With my financial situation still not getting any better, my focus is mainly in that area, which unfortunately leaves little time to deal with hydranode coding. However, I reviewed the feedback so far on the GUI, analyzed the points, and introduced some of the changes to transfer page: (this time using classic skin, since many users still use it):

Also, don't worry too much about the media player integration and such; as expected it got both positive and negative feedback, and it had already been decided from the beginning to have it as an optional add-on feature.

I'm also starting further understand the importance of icons in an user interface - even already with the placeholder icons things are starting to get better. Icons on buttons have multiple effects, one of which is that the buttons often get bigger from that, which improves usability. While the main reason behind icons is to provide means of faster identification of controls (e.g. to avoid reading the text every time), the size increase of toolbar buttons size is also a positive effect.

Madcat, ZzZz

MadCat !
Where we can get the Gui, or the source to compile it ???

I really want to check it !
Nice, an interesting addon to transfers could be saying what networks hn uses for download it. Use icons (maybe the better option, and when putting the cursor on them, showing the name) of small abreviations like: bt ed2k dc ftp http...
Where we can get the Gui, or the source to compile it ???
Patience, patience. All good things come to those who wait :)
Very nice! After this, it's expected other kind of GUIs (telnet ssh, http with with mode for old browsers and AJAX google-like cool stuff)?

When the GUI stuff is done, what about supporting more networks? Like some of these:
- IRC (fserve can be easy but it will need a lot research for knowing different fservers and some script-like system for any can add support for other fservers)
- Usenet
- Direct Connect
- Gnutella
- Gnutella 2
- anonymous P2P/darknets (ANts P2P Entropy Freenet GNUnet I2P Marabunta MUTE Nodezilla Rodi Share Winny Tor WASTE)
Is someone else working/willing to work on a Web GUI? Because I have one that I use for internal purposes. It is written in PHP+Smarty template engine running through Apache. Popups/popup menus handled through overlib which comes with Smarty. Not bad at all for a start but atm it uses a horrible custom cg protocol hack implementation as I'm waiting for the official GUI and the official cgcomm protocol. I've been thinking also to employ xajax for some cool AJAX tricks. I haven't put too much time into it as there are quite some question marks on the general usefulness of web uis as opposed to full blown GUIs/remote administration tools.
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