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Thursday, February 23, 2006

SVN back up

Since the SVN crashes started really getting on my nerves, I considered the option of manually upgrading it (debian stable has only 1.1.4, while newest is 1.3), but due to the dependancies, this could potentially cause more problems and break other things. So as an alternative, I temporarely shut down devcenter, to determine if trac is the cause for these crashes. So far, SVN has been up for few hours, so we'll see in few days if that truly was the cause.

I also checked in a bunch of changes - proper upload-pausing while completing file, some 'zombie-client' fixes and the libcgcomm-side sharedfiles listing protocol implementation (currently lacks core-side backend).

On the GUI / icons side, real life issues have made it impossible for me to meet up with our designer (for two evenings already) again to finish what we started; hopefully I have time tomorrow to do that.

Madcat, ZzZz

Great to see svn being online again.
Sad to see the devcenter being offline...
But still, I'm able to compile again.
You have to keep us updated through the blog then ;)
Keep up and thanks for the great work as always. (I hope you don't get tired hearing this)
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