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Monday, February 27, 2006

Working on gfx & layouts

Progress with our designer on the icons and background images has been somewhat slow, but progress is being made. He estimates few more nights to complete the majority of the first iconset and background images (each page will have a light, transparent background image).

The Home page layout was discussed and decided that it will be google-style search page, with customizability options, such as displaying RSS feeds and more - similar to Google's "Personalized home page". Initially I plan to use Qt's own HTML-rendering capabilities, which are somewhat limited, but should be sufficient for this purpose. In long-term, we might have to load external HTML renderer (IE on win32, etc) if we want to display more advanced, dynamic content there (possibly promoting legal/free content there), somewhat similar to Windows Media Player's Media Guide or eMule Content Database. However, the latter is more of a long-term future plan, since we lack the resources to set that up in near future.

The zombie-client optimizations and other tweaks have had rather positive impact on overall speeds and stability of the speeds. Downloadsession averages are over 5 MB already, 5.35 MB in my current session, uploadsession averages at 4.74 MB. About 6 months ago it was around 2-3MB, and around 3-4 months ago it was around 4 MB, so it's a definate improvement. Downloadsession failure percentages have dropped as well, down to ~36% (from ~45%).

My current top priority topic is global and multiple searching capabilities - something that's boring, and somewhat tricky to implement, which are the reasons why I'v delayed it so long. But obviously it can't wait any longer, since it's essencial feature for the GUI to use.

Madcat, ZzZz

What about Kad? I think it's even more important than globlal searches...
Global searches have a priority, as they are a base part of the whole app. No P2P app is really complete without some search feature. This is important in the gui as well as in the backend, without backend implementation no gui implementation. Specially networks like ed2k and later kad are profiting form this, so i would say if that feature is not in, kad alone does not help overly too much.

Also high on the list for the guis frontend are link capture and sending, torrent file uploading (to the core, if it does not run on the same machine) and related changes. Without a search and no input way that is convinient, its a pretty nice but very awkward app.

as for the home, keep it simple like the outlook home for example. I would list the last downloaded files (with their time), last searches (for quick repetition), fast access to links that can be modified (opening pages in the prefered browser the user does visit) and an rss feed reader. The last one will prove very valuable, if you can combine them. These feeds now contain often also torrents and ed2k links, both could be directly used in HN.
Please add a "Clear private data..." option like in Firefox: it can be useful if you are using it in your work/home for pr0n (or even from another computer remotely) ;)
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