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Sunday, March 19, 2006

GUI code in svn

Experience has shown at once corebase starts to reach 4000 lines of code, it becomes too large to maintain locally, and version control system is required. This becomes even further important when doing cross-platform development, which involves copying codebase around different systems. Thus, I checked in the current GUI codebase to svn yesterday; not because it's ready for public testing, but because it's easier for me to maintain it that way. Nonetheless, if you're feeling adventorous, you can check out the codebase and compile it yourself. Or you could just browse it.

Today I also made the first full bundle of Hydranode and submitted to the testing team. The final rar package turned out to be roughly 6 MB of size, but it will decrease slightly, since in this package, the engine was compiled with mingw (~50% larger binaries on average). That version runs Hydranode as child process, eliminating the console window completely. Also, I introduced the top-right-corner statistics panel, as discussed before; no screenshot yet though, since it's merely for testing purposes only, and doesn't look too pretty.

Overall, we seem to be on schedule, with less than two weeks left before public testing, and most functionality is in place. Main focus over the next weeks will be improving the existing functionality, such as getting the RSS support user-customizable, adding progress graphs, re-doing graphics and so on. As I mentioned in a comment of previous post, the icons/graphics are in their first incarnation, and those that have followed this project longer know that no component stays in it's first version - nearly all important components of Hydranode have been rewritten at least once, since you don't truly understand the problem until the first time you implement a solution; on the second time, you can hope to get it right.


So all I can do with it is browse and compile? Can I run it?
"So all I can do with it is browse and compile? Can I run it?"
If you compile it, you can run it.

Thanks Madcat, I already saw it in the timeline (and from the amount of CO files) but wasnt able to compile as I usually compile under Linux but I have no X11 there so I need to compile it under Windows.
Any comments on what is needed to compile the gui? The boost libs of course and QT, anything else? And where to put the QT sources?

And did you ever think of making a donators ranking page? :)
Only Boost and Qt is needed. Mingw isn't supported right now. You need qt-free patches from sourceforge and patch Qt to be able to build it with VS. After that, set environment variable QTDIR to the location where you have it.

The problem is, thet "bjam hngui install" does nothing, and when I copy hydranode-gui and background and icons directories into /opt/hydranode/bin it just quits without any message.
Maybe that's why it's not marked as 'available for public testing' yet? Because things aren't finished?

Sorry my fault. I did not load cgcomm plugin
MadCat help me !
Im on windows and wherever i do , keeping this error:
error: QT installation prefix not given and QTDIR variable is empty
Anonymous said:MadCat help me !

Sorry mister Anonymous, but i VASTLY prefer that madcat spend his time to code and design then help u with a code that he say is not ready! :)

That will made ALL happy, insteal of only u.

Nothing personal, just statistic :)
Try Use the Qt4-opensource-4.1.1-mingw.exe
If you can compile with this, wait became public
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