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Monday, March 20, 2006

Statistics graph

As mentioned several times before, the top-right corner of the My Hydranode box shall become a small statistics box. So without further wait, here's a screenshot.

The graph uses dynamic scaling based on various factors, and only download-rate is displayed. We initially had both download and uploadrate there, and were planning to even add connection-count, but we suddenly realized that that data is redundant. Upload-rate is a stable value (if it's not, it's a programming error), and thus isn't justified to be displayed in a graph, which's entire purpose is to show variable data. As for connection-count, that data gives nearly no useful information to the user.

On the transfer page, we decided to drop the top-right corner buttons idea for the time being. Testers indicated that they became too small and too far away, and we tend to agree. Having a full 22px-height bar for such controls has other bonuses as well, such as the space and ability to add various custom controls (such as the filter-box for example).

A lot of people seem to be trying to compile the code from SVN. I repeat - the gui isn't ready/available for public testing before beginning of april. That means support for compilation-related questions is minimum - I didn't check in the code to spend time explaining everyone (or writing up a lengthy instruction) on how to compile it. As I said in last blog post, it's in svn because it's more convenient for me to work on it that way, NOT for public testing.


MadCat i think u r an awesome programmer and u r doing a great work.
But if u truly belive that people was not trying to install it and compile after crave for a GUI for ages...

Well if god made the same error, i guess i can forgive u :P

Ps: but is it possible i never receive the password for the CSV?

PS, the GUI is coming out very neat and clean!

Good work to u and ur unknown designer :)
Speaking about the scaling of the download and the colouring.

What is the vertical scale of the download statistics? If the user has set a limit, is it this limit. If there is no limit is it some sort of aggregation of the historical values observed. Does that coloring on the bars mean something?

Maybe the bars can be used to encode the share ratio. Their hight gives the download speed, and thw two colos can be used to indicate the share ratio observed when the bar is sampled...
The purpose of the graph is to indicate in general terms whether we'r downloading fast or slow. The graph is currently scaled to 2.5x session average or maximum value of last 25 values, whichever is higher. The coloring on the bar has no meaning and is intended as visual effect.

What I currently like about this implementation is that it's very clean and simple; the moment we add more data to the graph, it starts to lose that simplicity and clarity. All extended statistics will be accessible on the planned full statistics page, so there's no need to put data that is either rarely used, or only used by a subset of userbase, to front page.

tagoh asked... Ps: but is it possible i never receive the password for the CSV?
Huh? What? Where? Rephrase please.

I think that tagoh saying about this:
where is the possible of the Compiled gui
What about showing some numbers on the graph for made it clear? Like in a common graph (values indicated with numbers on the left or right: 0...3000...). I mean showing the scale dynamically generated (depending on the bw) because knowing visually the download speed.
A bit like this but in a simpler manner:
Why? Because I see a bunch or bars but nor know the values, so some numbers on the bar are needed for understand what those bars inform me. It's like in the school when doing bars, hehe...
err... graphs
Yeah baby yeah !!
I sucessful compiled the Gui !!
why not try something like [url=]lphant[/url]
MadCat !
I test my compiled Gui, and it keep popup this error !
"Core Process Failed to Start" !
Madcat say:Huh? What? Where? Rephrase please.

Sorry i simply confuse 2 question in 1 :$

What i was trying to say is:
I never menage to open SVN cuz it always tell me that:

Refuse the connection..

I'm trying to suspect i need some password...

But probably the problem is much more easy and of course my fault ;)
Well, it works for me and many others, so must be your local problem. How are you trying to access it (what app/svn client) ?

the underlined links look ugly. why don't you make em just blue, without the underline?
anyway, i really like this project!
:) is funny ;) until yesterday it doesn't work :) today is finally working! :D

Thanks for ur pray MadCat! :D:D

Anyway i use TortaoisSVN as suggested in ur dev page.

Ok when u finish work i will check what nice code is there :)
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