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Monday, March 06, 2006

Timeline for next 10 months

Based on my past experience with user interface development for a P2P client (remember ShareDaemon?), I estimated Hydranode user interface development time to three months. Some persons close to the project's development indicated that it should be possible to do it in two months, and three months is too much, but I stand by my original assessment. Last 20 month of development has proved that my working speed is around +3000 lines of code/month (note: that's additional code, all maintenance coding doesn't show up in the +lines/month rating really). Considering that ShareDaemon interface was ~15'000 lines of code, for Hydranode user interface I've chosen more advanced toolkit which reduces both development time and code size, I estimated the initial code size of Hydranode interface <8'000 lines of code, which equals under three months of development.

Today, after roughly a month of development, we'r looking at 2506 lines of c++ code plus 3333 lines of layout XML, plus quite a lot of work on core-side and protocol-side. With this data, I was able to prognoze and set next ten month's development timeline in place, and will present it as it is currently planned.

As you can see, we're scheduling roughly four-month development cycles between releases, and all major releases include some major features. You can also notice that I increased my vacation time (twice a year) from two weeks to full month - it has become apparent that two week vacation every six months just doesn't cut it, and considering that I work without weekends or public holidays, I believe it's justified to take two months a year off. Furthermore, some time off the project is required to keep the project floating financially, as well as to give me some perspective on the project as a whole - you can't do the latter when you're deep in development mode.

Gnutella plugin was chosen as the next major network component (besides Kademlia, which is merely support component) since it gives something that Hydranode lacks at this point in time - fast single small file downloads - neither eDonkey2000 nor Bittorrent provide that.

The release dates (beginning of September and Christmas) were also chosen for publicity reasons - people return from summer vacations at the beginning of September, and Christmas is also a very good time for a release.

Note: Actual release dates for 0.3 and 0.4 may vary slightly depending on different factors - to either earlier nor later; they are provided in this timeline as general guidelines, rather than hard requirements.


Will there be any plans for a mac version again?
I really don't have the neccessery hardware required to activly develop Hydranode for Mac (400mhz G3 doesn't really cut it), but I hope to get Mac support into 0.3.

Very nice.

I prefer *a lot* more streaming, irc (fserver), FTP, Direct Connect and darknets support rather than Gnutella, but I like all networks added to this great P2P app that is developed very good.
OK, hope you manage to get it working for macs!
Who could complain about ur holiday after all u have done? :D

I will not! take as much as u want! :)

Gnutella is the network of limewire right?

Cuz with that hydranode whould have all the major netwokr! BitTorrent (DONE) eMule (DONE with Kad) LimeWire (DONE) WinMX( is Dead ;) )
I have read in yiur timeline... new website.
Personally I like a lot the current website, simplycity of structure and easy to use.
I hope you'll not change things too much.
IMHO I thik that there is no reason to change something which is working fine ;-) .

Are there any intentions to implement the Webcache feature from emule? Sometimes it gives me about 10% of the total download!
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