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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Type icons and home page

The weekend went mostly to designing and implementing file type icons for the interface. They are currently mainly black&white, further coloring and tuning will be applied later. We figured we'll do the first full set of icons as they come out now, and re-work them on the second round.

Another thing is the home page. Basically, the layout and concept was discussed again and it seems to be holding. However, we won't be having p2p news on the home page; instead, we'r considering loading some movie and/or games news, or some similar mixed-content news there. The rationale is that several testers commented that they wouldn't want to see bad news every time they open up the app, and let's face it, 95% of any kind of generic news is bad. For example, look at what happens if we load Slyck feed by default (also, here's a first screenshot of the home page for you - the empty area on the right will become Hydranode overview, such as transfer rates, small speed graph and module status information - not implemented yet).

The bottom-left box will most likely become multi-purpose (for those not interested in hydranode development news), capable of displaying recently downloaded files list, hydranode log or such.

Madcat, ZzZz

Very nice, I don't see Message&chat. has hydranode's core implemented ed2k's messages features(I know it is not so useful in ed2km, it's detail)?
I don't know, but truly speaking that feature is today too abused...

Zambor 2 in primis..

Ps: madcat is such a nice guy he don't put that rss torrent i was talking as source... :P
I use chat about 1 time/1 month only to ask for quality of contents not for ask for slot(which is quite annoying).
I think there are lots of intelligent users out there which are doing the same fair use.
This feature could be easily abused but gives these little chances.

Comments could be abused too.

I agree this is not a major feature for effective ed2k usage.
Very nice and yes: most P2P news are "bad", but really not important for the P2P world, just bad publicity. P2P networks are moving to anonymous and serverless/distributed.

I hope you put interesting stadistics stuff, automatic torrent download by RSS (like your favourite episodes from those new series).
I'm a fan of big statistics and graphs, so I'm a bit dissapointed by the small slot it got. And the big (mixed/gaming) News page is also nothing I'd like to see as I get my news elsewhere.
HN dev news are a must though!
Whatever, I realize I'm beginning to prefere this gui to the console once its finished!
That reminds me I promised you a donations 2 blogs ago, so here it goes. (Motivates others to donate too)
Looks like shit to a fan of foobar2000.
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