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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

10 days to release - TODO list

It's been super-busy 10 days since the last blog post, during which everything else had higher priority than this blog; for that, I apologize. The next ten days leading up to the 0.3 final release on 28th will be even busier, since I'v got a months load of work to be done in under two weeks. However, due to numerous requests, I'll try to keep this blog updated at least semi-daily as the release draws nearer.

So what's happened since the last post? One thing that took several days was Y2006 hardware upgrade; tons of organizing, data transfers and testing. For those interested, my new dev-box is Asus A6J laptop with 2GB ram and 1.83ghz dual-core CPU. Gotta love those ~5-min compile-times (down from ~8 min).

On the code side, I have a pretty hefty TODO list for this release, as you probably can imagine if you've seen the beta1 version. So far, I've implemented downloads renaming / file name cleanups / incoming dir changes into the cgcomm protocol; media info (codec/bitrate) support for search results and details box to search page. Skinning code got quite a bit of optimizations as well - the primary hog there was images scaling, which was done during every repaint; now we're storing the scaled image and only re-scaling if the size changes.

My complete TODO list currently is as follows:

Arlekin (the designer) has quite a lot to do during that time as well, and some things we must syncronize together. The server list and file names pages / windows need cooperation since they involve design; a new skin is in development ("prepare to throw one away; you will, anyhow"); some 8 file type icons (48x48px) need to be created; some other icons need fine-tuning; and probably other things that I can't remember currently.

As you can see, I wasn't joking about the month's work for 10 days thingie.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming days.

Madcat, ZzZz

I'm quite excited about all the todo thingies (and also your impressive laptop :) ).
Wow... impressive! :)

I used the beta sicne u release it and i like it, and stable enough for my daily use!

I'm gonna away for a 15 days so i will not be able to follow u, but i'm very curious of what u will do!

Ps about the notebook: That exactly the nb i was looking to buy for myself after the summer O:) can u tell me how it is? is it nice as it look?
Great to hear back from you. I always have the impression after I donate some money you are quite for some days... But that might just be coincidence with my donating scedule with great announcements.

Congrats to the laptop and I see you have a pretty tight timeline for 0.3! I still would *love* to have direct torrent adding support (via gui from local) in 0.3!
Tagoh: It's a great notebook. I did about a month worth of research on notebooks before deciding on this one (actually, my first candidate was Asus V6J, but since I couldn't get it here, I opted for A6J, and I don't regret the decision). I'd recommend getting one with WSXGA (1680x1024) display - mine is with WXGA (1280x800), which is bit small for windows (OK for games - all games run in native res at max detail tnx to the X1600 in there).

Mathias: That's coincidence indeed. As for the direct torrent adding, added that to my TODO list - had forgotten about it, but it must be done for 0.3 final as well indeed. Thanks for reminding this.

I think is a powerfull laptop, with lot of ram and you can work with the dual core. I have a Clevo M540G (, is 14" 16:9, 1.73GHz is small, portable and quite powerfull. I prefer a panoramic screen for laptops since I think that has the golden ratio that fits you vision field, but if you feel comfortable with it I think is a good purchase.
*cheers* great Madcat to hear you implementing that in 0.3!
And I didn't want to scare you from making point releases, better take it as: release more and make me poor :)
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