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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Experimental support for passing Objects through cgcomm

Since it's 4am and I'm dead tired, I'll be short today. The entire day was spent on implementing Object hierharchy support for cgcomm. For those who haven't followed this blog for longer time, Hydranode has an internal Object hierarchy, through which it's possible for modules to make their data available for user interfaces and other modules in a generic way. Objects can have data members, child objects and even operations that can be performed with them.

Getting objects working over cgcomm is quite tricky busyness. We need to send objects in right order so that children are always sent before parents, send updates at specified intervals (object updates are propagated up the hierarchy), so user interface will 'monitor', say, ed2k server list, and updates to server objects need to be sent to the gui. And so on.

Reconstructing the hierarchy on libcgcomm side is a tricky busyness as well, but should work now properly. Basically, all the basic stuff is up, and I'm able to view ed2k server list from the user interface. Operations and such aren't supported yet tho.

Madcat, ZzZz

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