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Friday, April 21, 2006

Filename cleanup; columns hiding; runtime ports updating

9 days to release, and several items got checked from my TODO list.

Changes to listening ports (ed2k and bittorrent) now take effect on runtime. Simply type 'config set ed2k/TCP\\ Port 4662' in hnshell and the ed2k TCP listener will be restarted on the specified port. Reconnecting to server is forced in this situation to detect our new ID (high or low). This functionality will be available from GUI as well eventually.

Core/GUI communication module and library now have support for some more search fields, such as bitrate, codec and length. Also, additional messages were added to download subsystem, such as GetNames, GetLinks, GetComments, and SetName and SetDestination. GUI also supports now file name cleanup and changing file destinations (note that in Hydranode, it's possible to set destination per file, rather than per category, as in eMule). GUI also features details box now on Search page, and both details boxes were reduced to three lines of text to save screen space.

MSVC builds of user interface should work now, as I reverted changeset 2856 (support for static builds - but it never worked).

User interface now also supports hiding/showing list columns, and saving column widths. The entire column resizing code was reorganized and should be less intrusive now. Hidden/Shown columns, as well as column widths, are now saved across sessions as well. All this functionality is accessible via right-click menu on the list header, similar to many other applications. I also added 'Restore Defaults' option to the menu, just in case.

Madcat, ZzZz

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