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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hydranode 0.3 beta 1 released

After the long wait, Hydranode 0.3 beta 1 is now finally available for downloading. The major new features for this version are graphical user interface and global searching support. There have been very little core updates, since main focus was on user interface development.

Remember that this is a beta version, not a release candidate, thus many features are half-implemented. This version is provided for your testing and previewing purposes, altough it should be viable to use it in production system. Also, it hasn't been optimized for performance yet, so expect higher CPU usage and sluggyness on <1ghz systems.

Hydranode 0.3 beta1 screenshot

Currently existing features:

Things that are missing / planned:

Windows (includes both core and interface)
Linux (core only)
Linux (user interface only) experimental - tested on Ubuntu 6.04 beta
Source code as .zip, .bz2 and .gz

Credits for the user interface graphics and design go to the "invisible designer", Joakim Kuusemaa aka Arlekin.

Note: remote cores are supported by the user interface. To connect to a remotely running core, pass the ip and port as arguments to the interface command-line. Easiest way to do it is create a shortcut and change the path to "hydranode-gui.exe 9990" for example. Make sure the remote core has cgcomm module loaded and can accept incoming connections on port 9990 (ListenIP setting in [cgcomm] section of config.ini must be modified for this, same as with hnsh). By default, connections are accepted only from localhost.

Note to Linux users: You might want to pass -style plastique option to the interface to avoid the ugly win95-look (Qt4-related problem).



HOTFIX: If you had problems starting downloads with Hydranode, please re-download Hydranode from the above link - the problem was fixed.

really happy here but right now i have to do something before testing this piece of...thanks.

keep it up
thats the day I waite for.. :P thx for that.. i will test the gui an the new core now.

thx again
found an odd behavour here: get to settings sectrion and, while keeping the left mouse butten pressed on either the shadowed address beside incoming or temp, move the mouse. you'll see that when you move it the lower part of the window moves up meking the window shorter.
Well - great work, as always.
Sorrily i didn't expect this today, else I would have had some $$ on my MB account to donate, that has to wait 3 days until the funds are uploaded...
You could have gained 0.5MB download size if you used 7-zip SFX instead of winrar but anyway.

I'd like to see a "connected" somewhere...

WinXP: In settings when I check one of the associations, the box gets greyed and cant be deactivated unless you "Revert".

And I wonder that I find the incoming and temp folder in the config folder...

And I can't connect to my Linux box from Windows Gui.
I opened port 9990 TCP/UDP modprobed cgcomm and can't connect. Does it use UDP or TCP? I can't even connect to that port with putty in raw mode...
Or do I have to set that it also accepts not local connections in HN (like with hnsh)?
Thanks for this Beta Milestone!
Being in design for a long time now, i have to fully agree with Lebedev and sign these quotes with my full heart. You should read them too, might help improve the gui.
Very nice, just a few suggestions:
* It's possible to drag the window while its maximised, which shouldn't be possible
* It's possible to move the window by dragging anywhere within it, which feels very weird, especially when you accidently move it and weren't intending to
* The context menu doesn't obey my system settings, it 'scrolls' into view, where as the menus in every other application fade in.
You can retrieve this setting by calling SystemParametersInfo with the SPI_GETMENUFADE option.
mathis said... "Or do I have to set that it also accepts not local connections in HN (like with hnsh)?"

Cool - got it running. For others: you need to set the cgcomm ip to the ip address of the box running your core if you are trying to connect to it remotely.
quite confusing ip setting...
it would be more reasonable to type in
the allowed ip's to connect from.
Got it running on Gentoo (x86) out-of-the-box with core running on a different machine.

I do really like the GUI. Thanks Madcat.
Hi Madcat!
I'm huge delay but finally this week end i get to start using Hydranode! :)

I like it very much and work without anyproblem..

Even if i'm behind a nat i can't touch
(So i'm low id)

Silly user question:
is there anyway to know what server am i connected to? i can't find it..
Currently, there is no way to see currently-connected server from the user interface. However, you can still check it from hnsh via command 'ed2k stat'. Hnshell is enabled by default even for the builds with user interface, simply connect to it to localhost 9999 with telnet application.

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