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Friday, April 28, 2006

Hydranode 0.3 released

Hydranode 0.3 screenshot

Three months have passed since the last release, and time has come again for a release. When the previous release's focus was on Bittorrent support, this time the focus was on Graphical User Interface. As such, engine updates have been minimal, but still include several important fixes, mostly on the Windows platform.

Important engine updates include support for more than 64 open connections on Windows, support for files larger than 2GB on Windows, and full support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (half-open connections limiting). eDonkey module upgrades include improved UDP protocol handling, better A4AF handling and other performance and protocol improvements. Bittorrent got some updates as well, most importantly multi-tracker support.

Since this is the first release of the user interface, not all things we planned made it into the release. However, the currently existing features should be sufficient for daily usage. The interface was developed to be ergonomic, easy to use and visually appealing without sacrificing functionality. We hope you will enjoy using the interface as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Special thanks to:
So without further ado, here are the download links.

Download for Windows
Download for Linux
Download source code (tar.bz2)
Download source code (tar.gz)
Download source code (zip)

thx.. will test it now.

PS: The links don't work. Look here and get your files..
they do work for me
sxe ik will dich haun!
Edit: fixed links.
Note: remote cores are supported by the user interface. To connect to a remotely running core, pass the ip and port as arguments to the interface command-line. Easiest way to do it is create a shortcut and change the path to "hydranode 9990" for example. Make sure the remote core has cgcomm module loaded and can accept incoming connections on port 9990 (ListenIP setting in [cgcomm] section of config.ini must be modified for this, same as with hnsh). By default, connections are accepted only from localhost.
What will be the next focus including Gnutella support? SSH and more complete remote support (authentificated)? Multiuser? The baby is starting to walk quite fast!

Really, you are doing a thing that others thinked impossible: a multi-network P2P client that works very great. I was disappointed with most multi-network P2P clients, I like Hydranode even more than other P2P clients using only one network.

Now it's time to supporting new networks (Gnutella 1/2, Ares, Direct Connect, soulseek, FTP, netjuice, Share/Winny...) and all shit of the supported P2P networks (new ed2k client for +4GB files, DHT for ed2k and bt, .emulecollection...) and then you will rock the P2P world! I'm sure you know what to do, but one of my dreams is having a great P2P multi-network client supporting my used P2P networks (ed2k, bt, gnutella 1/2, Direct Connect) and not need to having different P2P networks that compete in bw between them and needing to use my firewall as a police for not fighting instead collaboring, that is Hydranode wants ;)

Even in this "early" stage, you are attracting many users like me, tired of crappy P2P apps that wants all and does nothing, or wants be the only client for a specific network but becoming crap too.

Madcat: Thanks for Hydranode, you are a very smart (and mad because nobody tried to start such brainfuck complex project in a serious manner) feline ;)
> tar -jxf hydranode-0.3-src.tar.bz2
bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.
tar: Child returned status 2
tar: Выход, отложенный по результатам предыдущих ошибок

> tar -zxf hydranode-0.3-src.tar.bz2
Youre really insane, when I see the checkins of the last two days... take some sleep! This is an order!
Awesome work Madcat.
Well if HN grows in popularity, it needs at least a simple autentication for HNSH and CGComm, as my core is open to the world as of now.
Hmm, somehow I'm experiencing some issues with the gui. I'm connecting to a remote linux svn core from windows.
Adding downloads via search does not work. Canceling downloads does work, but does not remove the download. Progress bar is not updated, on the home tab ed2k does not show up as plugin, the comments window shows nothing... All that does work for a local core though.
I wonder why the screen shot and the actual GUI in 0.3 are so different. These "+" and "-" bars are not available, making it a mess to deal with bittorents.

I havent seen more than 1.5kbyte upload during the last few hours. That is not fair.

Assiciation of bt/ed2k with hydranode is working, but the files are never transferred to the download.

Adding from clipboard does not work (for bt), as it seems the http module ore something else is broken (stil?).

Cancelling a bittorent is not working and crashes the application.

But apart from that its a good and promising start. Before actually starting with all those fantatic plans, there is a lot of work todo to get this base functionality reliably usable.

Keep up the good work, I will continue testing and reporting properly in the forums.

Building up a full featured GUI is a lot of work.
We all believe you can do this.
But why not using existing GUIs, like sancho?
The only thing we need would be a stable protocol.
Your are doing an amazing job so far.
But I don't like to see you falling of the chair
because the workload is increasing by different construction sites.
You may have seven lives, but only one at time.
Please stay safe and sound!
Another quick question: how do I start torrent downloads via hnsh? Is there a way to start already downloaded torrents?
Another quick question: how do I start torrent downloads via hnsh?

$ do c:\\\\mytorrent.torrent
$ do /torrents/mytorrent.torrent

Is there a way to start already downloaded torrents?
Not currently.

good work. keep it up ;)
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