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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New skin integrated; fine-tuning in other areas

When I woke up today at 9am, the most pressing issue was file names/comments window causing endless loops. So few hours later, the things were fixed and several other optimizations done regarding that window. Basically, the names are updated every 5 seconds for active file (if the comment window is open); less frequently if the file has many names/comments. It's also possible to rename the download to one of the names in the list by double-clicking on the list item.

Another thing that had bothered me for a while was that the config and skin directories were dependant on application working directory. So if the application was launched with a different working directory, the skin wouldn't load. This problem reached it's critical state when I got report yesterday that while browsing folders (for opening file or such), the skin disappears partially and it creates config/ subdirs in each dir visited. To fix it, we'r now saving the application binary dir on application startup and use that instead (absolute path).

Canceling 'add file' operation in transfer window no longer causes error message to be shown either. On related note on core side, when we re-hash a file we previously "knew", we now copy over the existing 'custom metadata' from the previous entry before dropping the old one. This helps with modules using custom metadata (bitttorrent, cgcomm [stable ids]).

At 9pm, I met up with Arlekin to finish up the design side of the GUI for the 0.3 release. The new skin was integrated, replacing the existing one; details box got dropped from the interface for the time being (we like the concept, and it will return, but currently we just don't have enough input data to justify it's existance in 0.3 release). The yellowish question marks got removed from the 'actionbar' as well (meant to be help buttons, but help won't be available before later this summer either). Lot of other things got fine-tuned and tweaked as well on the gui/design side. Some final updates (few icons and such) will be added thursday, but generally it should be finished from the visual point of view.

Which only leaves me with still quite a ton of functionality to code in two days. Serverlist, custom feeds, removing shared dirs (implemented today partially, needs fixing), and some smaller things. Doable, but quite heavy still.

No screenshots of the new skin today yet - it's nearing 8am and I want to get to sleep after the 23h dev-session :)

Madcat, ZzZz

very nice work.. keep on working. I'm very interested in the new version. maybe there would be a beta version bevore releasing the 0.3 final version?

Mouse haters will be happy in the 0.3 release? There are people that like the output possibilities of GUIs but not using the mouse all time.
It will support importing temporary files from P2P apps like MLDonkey, Shareaza and others? I use a lot those apps and this is the only problem for changing to Hydranode.

My brother uses Shareaza on his win box and me MLDonkey, now he agree with using one linux server for both. Multi-user support will be in 0.3?
"maybe there would be a beta version bevore releasing the 0.3 final version?"
Sorry, no time for that.

"Mouse haters will be happy in the 0.3 release?"
No, the interface is pretty much mouse-oriented.

"It will support importing temporary files from P2P apps like MLDonkey, Shareaza and others?"
Hydranode supports importing from eMule currently. No time to implement other import filters for 0.3.

"Multi-user support will be in 0.3?"
No. I barely have time to get the base features implemented for 0.3 as you can see from the posts during this week, and multi-user support isn't in that list.

I say take your time. Youre doing all this just for us and your pleasure, so don't rush it out, do what you must and sleep as long as you want.
Multi User is one of the killer features I'm waiting for, but the gui has to be stable first before implementing that.
I think if HN gets the publicity it deserves now, many ppl will not move to it, as Emule has a better gui for most users and for me its kinda slow with downloads. But as I do not download that much anyway I'm pretty satisfied with what I have.
"Emule has a better gui for most users"
Could you be a bit more verbose? What things are you missing in Hydranode GUI that eMule has, or what other complaints do you (or the mysterious "most users" have) regarding the Hydranode GUI?

Well there is pretty much I'm still missing with HNgui Beta1 and what I read from the blog posts.
But I find it pretty unfair to compare HNGui to emule in detail as emule is around for some years now and its HNguis first release.
I'm one of the guys that use pretty much every number and statistic that Emule has to offer at least once a month. I think the average joe who just uses search, transfer window and the left mouse button goes pretty well with the HNGui right now, but I don't think they will change to HN because they will not read about it anyway. So at first youre targeting at more interested users, and at least I'm just using HN, because it hast core/gui separatin, runs on linux and I pretty much support the idea behind it. Just for windows, I would take emule over HN.
HN has come a long way and I'm really amazed by your motivation but it still has to go a long way if the average user will move to HN. But I'm sure it has great potential as Multi Network with other great features to come is pretty interesting.
I hope you don't get this wrong, as I know HN is awesome but not yet for everyone.
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