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Monday, April 10, 2006

Post-(beta-)release wind-down / wind-up period

Having done software development for many years already, one thing that doesn't seem to be getting easier is releases. I'v done regular releases for like 3-4 years now on different projects, and it's always one hellowa week of very little sleep and much coding leading up to the release. And it also doesn't seem to matter whether it's a small beta release or a widely-published full release - the effects are the same - 2-3 days wind-down period, and another 2-3 days to get back to development mode.

Despite my efforts over last two months to stay far away from any changes that might compromise the stability of the core, it seems I have introduced a crash-bug into core during that time that crashes after 15-20 hours runtime, regularly. So far, my only lead is that the cause is a timed callback to a non-trackable slot, which gets deleted before the callback is invoked, leading to the crash. So far, no solution has been found.

Based on the feedback on the GUI I'v gotten from testers and other people, some changes / fixes will be done to the GUI; mostly on the usability side. One topic that was raised and not fully resolved yet is the library. Technically, the library as a concept, is a mix of two concepts - 'share management' and 'upload management'. Now, in case of 'share management', the focus would be on shared files, directories, adding/removing them etc. In case of 'upload management', I'm not quite sure what an uploader would like to see there, since I don't have personal experience with that.

Another topic that was raised was what should be the next target after I return from my vacation in June. While I originally announced Kademlia development for the summer, recently I'v started to reconsider that choice, and lean more towards Gnutella. The idea is that Kademlia doesn't truly give anything new to Hydranode - just more stable ed2k operation - while Gnutella would add another major network - this time for small files - to the mix, which would complement the other two implemented networks very nicely. You'd have the resources of ed2k, the speed of BT and the speed and easy-to-get-mp3z of Gnutella. Supplemental networks, such as BT/DHT and Kademlia could be implemented at a later time.

Madcat, ZzZz

Take your time to recharge from the release stress you had. Its all yours!

Sad to hear about the bug, but I only run the core anyway, so take your time ;)

As for a next Network, I greatly prefere Kad to Ed2k Server mode, but I will not moan if we get gnutella support first.
And I'd like to see some kind of basic authorisation in HNSH soon!
THE killer feature would of course be a web frontend with Multiuser environment. That would be quite awesome.

Do you mean the 'vc -u' crash bug? As for regular crash after 15-20 hours' run, never experienced such crash. Actually, the core is stable enough only if avoiding using the 'vc -u' command.
Great to hear that the releas of the GUI was done good. ;)

Which network would be the next is not my choice and I have no wishes
but I think at first the GUi should be more comfortable. I think, thinks like "copy edonkey link to clipboard" and more fileinfos would be interesing.

Wow! it's been an amazing progress since the begin :)

Good work MadcaT! did u see my bug report on Mirc?

About Kad Gnutella, i agree with u it will greatly increase the appeal of ur application! :)

But don't forget that the Public will begin use ur application only when a good Gui is done!

how is going ur Girl recruiting for C usergroup?

what? u use her for another reason?
bad Bad Madcat! O:)
it would be a good idea to develop gui and base application by seperate devs (wasn't there a possible gui dev?). gui development is often a very busy task...
I Perfectly agree with your plan.
Only one point.. I suggest to implement in ed2k module few emule's & MOD's features which are quite appealing&valuable.
Emule's comments.. aren't they implemented yet?
Push Small files(there is a nice algorithm by Cicciobastardo Bastard's mod which is "economically" fair).
Friend's slot.
The missing feature for me in the gui is being able to load torrent files into it.
mathew: Take a look at the blog post where 0.3 beta 1 was released. Madcat mentioned some missing features. Adding a torrent via GUI is one of it.
Newsgroup please please please!
Are you Crazy ??
Newsgroup ??
Nothiing to do with p2p...
I vote for Kademlia after gnutella, we need be a full feturead Edonkey client first, or we will be seeing like Mldonkey..

And we will be one of the firsts clients with Kademlia !
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