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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hydranode v0.3 Hotfix (r2998)

Due to several outstanding issues in the original v0.3 release, I decided to release a small hotfix right away instead of waiting for next scheduled release. This hotfix doesn't bump version number, so it's still called v0.3, but instead revision number was added to the download archives. The original release was built from r2995, hotfix from r2998.

Changes:All download links on the site should be updated, so new downloads already include the fixes. If you previously downloaded the binaries, you can either re-download the full updated build, or download this patch for Windows or Linux/x86.

Unpack to your Hydranode installation directory, e.g. if you installed Hydranode to "C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Desktop", unpack the patch to "C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Desktop\Hydranode v0.3". In the future I hope to set up a smoother upgrade / patching method.


Somehow I see no improvement with my remote Linux core. (No ed2k status page, no torrent categories, "file name or comment" frame shows nothing, no progress bar and %)
But now that I read the changes, I think that was not intended by the hotfix. Would be nice to have a second hotfix if you have time for it.
All this is working great in beta1-hotfix unless the new features of course. Untill now I'll stay with Beta1...
Are you sure you have up to date core? This hotfix updated core plugins cgcomm and bt ( and, so you need to apply this to your core, not the gui. And based on your description, your linux core is even older version.

Well *lol* I read the commits but thought they were gui related. I had a svn core but r2995. Updating now...
Uhm... irritating, I made my own svn debug build and it did not work, but your linux package works just fine and now beta1 does not work correct anymore, but thats ok... I'm looking into my build environment tomorrow.

Thanks again for a now working gui!
Great work Madcat!

Sorry, but I got to say again: Awesome!
I just realise: Even remote torrent adding works like a charm!
In the past I kinda moaned about how early the gui is and I have to revoke my statement: Its pretty nice!
Its really every day usable. I'm still missing some fancy graphs and features, but all basic functions are there!
Uhm one thing I wonder is why are some files greyed out in the library page?

Have a nice Vacation Madcat!
> why are some files greyed out in the
> library page?

It's unfinished files.
On WIN32 downloads worser than pre-hotfix, pre-hotfix versions downloaded very good on WIn32.

Hotfix version downloads very rarely, it's strange...
The hotfix only affected core/gui communication module and bittorrent module, but not edonkey module, so it could not have affected download rates. Perhaps you accidentally got LowID after applying the hotfix, which could result in considerably worsened transfer rates?


OMG this is a very nice p2p program. but its got alot of problems, my downloading speed is slow as hell and its not because of my internet connection, how can this be fix.
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