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Monday, May 01, 2006

The necessity of beta2's

Considering how rushed out this release was, it would have been a miracle if it did go without glitches. However, that wasn't the case. Categories got broken shortly prior to release, as did torrent downloading (it doesn't properly create a category in the interface for the torrent). However, considering I introduced some 3000 lines of new code during the week leading up to the release, I think this is a small price to pay - actually I expected a lot more bugs since the code got practically zero testing time. As a rule, I leave at least a week of full feature freeze before releases, and use that time for public testing (beta2), however this time the time constraints didn't allow it, which led to the aforementioned bugs getting into the release/

I ran a quick count on source code sizes during last three months (since 0.2 release):

This means I've already done 6 months of development of new features (as you remember 0.2 introduced Bittorrent module, which by itself was ~5000 lines of code), and 0.2 was somewhat rushed out as well due to the pressure to release a version a graphical version of the application. This leaves us with two large components which are in their first versions (Bittorrent module and interface) and haven't got any additional revisions except minor bugfixes. To compensate against that, I decided that the next few months of development (after I return from my vacation at the end of June) will be focused on fine-tuning the user interface and bittorrent module. This is expected to take about 2-3 months to get all things fixed, in order and stabilized. Only after that we can move on to next large components, most probably additional networks support in the engine.

I am also considering releasing a hotfix version on Wednesday to address the torrent categorization issues and some other small bugs that made it into the release; however since I didn't originally plan on this hotfix version, I can't promise I can get it done before leaving for vacation.


I noticed this was a major rush, so I wonder: What puts this stress on you to say: its out on friday? You said its not you to set the timeframe, so who is?
Or did you just want to have it out a week before your vacation, that you could hotfix bad errors or have time to get private things straight before?
I wanted to get this out a week before vacation to finish up personal stuff before going to vacation. Wednesday is the last day it'd be feasible for me to do a hotfix release; depending on whether I have time to get the things fixed by then or not I will (or will not) release it. If not, the fixes will have to wait till mid-summer (e.g. 0.3.1 beta1 release, which should happen end of June).

My guess was not that bad then.
How long will you be away? End of June? That are four full month... Oh well, I guess you have earned it. And I hope you don't get withdrawal symptoms from not coding that long. I hope you post the blog once in a while to let us know youre still alive.
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