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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Vacation until June 4th

As per the 10-month schedule announced earlier, I'll be leaving for my summer vacation today. The vacation is one month long, during which I will be either completely, or almost completely, offline and unavailable except via e-mail.

The development directions following the vacation, as they are planned currently, include integration of user feedback into the user interface and improvements for bittorrent support, since those two components of Hydranode were somewhat rushed out during this 6-month development session, and both require quite a bit of polish. This direction will lead to 0.3.1 to be released in August with no new major components, and next networks being developed after that. While this does introduce a delay into the original timeline, I believe it is necessery to bring existing components into a stable and mature state before introducing new components.

Madcat, signing off.

Have a nice vacation, you really deserve it, nice job on hydranode, it's my favourite p2p app.
Have a good time there, Madcat.
Have a nice time.
Have a good break - thanks for your efforts.
SVN respository is broken...
Thanks for all the good work!
Have fun and REST! You deserve and NEED!
Good holiday madcat! u deserve it a LOT! :) i just return from mine so i can tell u it will help u a lot!
I run a server 24x7 on a little 512x128 kbit connection. With the current upload and download ratio enforcement of 4:1 my up link is completely flooded in order for me to just get 40KB/sec download. I think a ratio of 10:1 is better especially for the lower bandwidth connections.

If I can share 5-6KB/sec uplink 24x7 I think that is a reasonable share which also allows me to have some spare uplink space for other traffic.

The alternative is for me to run bandwidth limiting software in on gateway which I'm finding difficult to administer - or change the hydranode code myself and recompile. I'd prefer 10:1 ratio in the original code base.

Just a thought...
have a nice time, madcat
hydranode is becoming _very_ attractive, good job !
Good vacation, kity
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