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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Discussions about Hydranode Web Interface

There has been some very interesting discussion with gcostanza in our forums regarding Hydranode Web Interface. From the looks of it, we'll develop a cutting-edge web interface based on cutting-edge technologies - JSON-RPC-based protocol over HTTP, Dojo Toolkit for the actual interface and eventually COMET for real-time updates. Estimated time of completition - autumn/winter 2006. Current status is drafting ideas and discussing implementation/technology choices.

Writing help/documentation for the user interface is going slowly but steadily; I realized you cannot write documentation for more than 2-3 hours in a row - the quality drops rapidly after that; this is pretty similar to coding, where quality drops rapidly after 12-14 hours. Anyway, I've finished Home, Server List and Search pages documentation, and am half-way done with Transfer (the most complex) page. I expect to finish the GUI documentation in 2-3 days.

On code side, I've managed to discover and fix my development setup and tray code for Windows. The tray code needed linking against few more libraries; and there seems to be a bug or two in either Qt 4.1.3 or the MSVC patch for Qt 4.1.3 which causes two incompatible libraries to be linked in, resulting in conflict during application linkage. Right now the problem is getting "Hide when minimized" setting to work - for some reason Qt seems to re-create the taskbar icon after I attempt to hide the GUI (which should remove the icon).


Does dojo uses flash? I hope not, flash must not be used.
No, Dojo doesn't use flash.

Ok, sorry. I got confused with the files on the SVN.
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