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Monday, June 12, 2006

Drafting new website; fighting with dev-system

I checked in the tray-icon code to SVN repository yesterday; tested on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu/Gnome) and seems to be working well. Currently only the 'icon' with a minimal menu is implemented, for testing purposes. It "seems" to be working on Windows as well, but there seems to be something heavily wrong with my Windows development setup currently - as I mentioned before, Mingw GUI builds are crashing after startup (and since GDB doesn't work on windows, I cannot determine the cause), and VS2005 builds fail to link with mysterious "multiply-defined std::allocator" symbol. I confirmed that this problem is in my development system rather than code as the released 0.3 source code exhibited the same problem. I'll try to re-install my dev-tools tonight and see if it fixes the issues; if not I have to go for a full system reinstall which can take 2-3 days (since I don't have internet at home yet).

Being stuck with code, I started drafting up the new website. The main direction that I'm aiming is light-weight, easy-to-navigate but content-rich. I have base layouts finished, and now starts the most time-consuming part - content creation. The trouble is that the launch of the graphical user interface obsoleted 90% of the existing content on current website (look at FAQ for example). And there's no usage help or documentation of the user interface at all right now; protocol documentations need to be reviewed (and Bittorrent documentation written up properly), and so on. In total, I expect that I have to generate 50-100 pages of new content for the website, which can take up to 2-3 weeks. I'll post the docs in the blog as they are created.


Great news, so Hydranode goes mainstream? ;)

Do you will create the page based on some wiki engine for future edition? An always WIP page and documentation even improved by future devs or guys that know what to do.

What about translating the page to other languages? Please contact with me about this, I don't want to translate the 100 pages when you finish and prefer to do the work in little steps ;)

Best regards,
I'm now registered, I will not appear as anonymous and people will can spam me ;)
I can confirm that the tray icon works in kde.

MinGW compiled gui (svn 3004) does not crash on startup here. I was starting the core beforehand, BTW.
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