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Friday, June 23, 2006

Experimental installer

First of all, I finally got internet at home again, so I'm online 24/7 again, which means development can resume properly now.

One thing that got done during past few days was an experimental installer. After a lengthy search for the 'best installer system', I finally settled on NSIS (Nullsoft installer system) for the time being. An experimental installer is available for previewing/testing purposes here.

It seems I've been overloaded with work already; my checklist for the short-term future includes the following:

In addition to that I have about three websites to build (Hydranode website and two unrelated side-projects), and I got offered a PHP/SQL database job for a pretty nice amount of money; I'm undecided yet whether to take the latter, since it'd take 4-6 weeks to implement; however, on the other hand I need the money, so I probably should take it...

The user interface documentation is nearing completition as well, any comments / thoughts are welcome.


Do we realy need all these (semi)autoupdate things?
And the the most important: get the job!:)
yes we do !
Autoupdating over the net is hard. At least it has been in my experience. Hope you make a good design. If you need some help a small rfc would be appreciated to kick-start some discussion.
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