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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

MLDonkey Import Module (experimental preview)

As the bounty payment for this module was completed yesterday, today development started on the module. Today also the first version of the module was checked into SVN, containing about 350 lines of code; it is capable of importing ed2k downloads from MLDonkey to Hydranode; no files rehashing is needed (this is different from current eMule import support, which forces files to be rehashed).

It is currently not decided whether the plugin will be available as v0.3 release add-on, but if possible I try to make it available in binary form for v0.3. The trouble is that getting around the forced rehash of imported downloads required trivial change in hncore library, which is not available in v0.3 release. If the module is released for v0.3 release, it'll still cause full rehash of all temp files (and many MLDonkey users have hundreds of pending downloads).

File status, as well as Bittorrent downloads, are not currently imported. The support is expected to be added in the coming days.

Code preview: hncore/imp_mldonkey/imp_mldonkey.cpp


Your effort and policy are great.
I have a little suggestion... a Marketing issue...
As far as you are working to a Milestone it is better to propose resource colletion for the next milestone(cause guys needs time and inertia).

cuurently you have:
MLDonkey Downloads Import Module Development
Payment completed
Development in progress.

but i suggest to write immediately about next Milestone after reaching the bounty and put this "starting developemente" info in another place.. for example in developer's diary news.

Plus ..the text BOX isn't visualized correctly in mozilla 1.7.x
I also hope that as far as you have a bit of spare time you 'll keep developing towards your thoughts personal enhancements.
But perhaps this thing works in an ideal world ;-).
I think that you can olso PROPOSE an enhancement as a milestone without waiting for a user to personally submit a specific query, and wait for income.
Any news? It's the project still alive or finally death as it seems? Quite sad, it looks very promissing :(
No I really don't think the project is dead :)

Seems like the development has slowed a bit while the lead developer makes some money so he can live ;-). Though hopefully he'll finish that contract job soon =P.

I can't wait to see some updates for Hydranode!
As far as I know there is some spare time at the end of August. We'll have to wait!

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