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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Busy busy busy busy

It's been quite a while since the last blog post, so I figured it's time to update the status of things and ensure that I'm still around and kicking.

What's going on currently is that I'm heavily overbooked with projects; the database project I took a while ago had some delays getting started (actual development started on 15th this month), and I'm also trying to get the entire project (originally only one sub-module of the project was planned for me), which can increase the development time from 4 weeks (+ 2 weeks testing) to up to 6-8 weeks. Naturally, the money increases proportionally, so it's a Good Thing.

Last weekend I picked up and learned AJAX / Javascript / JSON, since this will help me to get the entire db project hopefully. I had another reason for learning that stuff as well - namely, Hydranode web interface - which, as discussed in the forums, will rely heavily on those technologies.

Hydranode website is also one of the projects currently being open; the design is about 90% completed (made by our resident designer, Arlekin), but needs few more days to complete the design, plus couple days for implementing. Our current timeline suggests that there won't be any free time to finish it before end of next week; I hope I can get it online before end of July, but it's gonna be tough.

Arlekin is also flooding me already with smaller website projects, some of which may start as early as mid-august, all of which means that we're both heavily overbooked with work until end of August, possibly even half-way into September. Hydranode-related things are at the bottom of our priority lists right now simply because payd projects take priority (naturally).

And the question that's burning within the majority of the readers here - what about Hydranode code updates? Well, what can I say. The current plans for next release include installer [finished], better integration with OS features on Linux (associations, external links), import wizard for eMule/ShareAza/MLDonkey (missing ShareAza import module right now only, plus GUI), and some minor other updates. Estimated time of release is completely unknown right now however - as said, I don't expect to have much time for core development in August, so Hydranode release is pushed to somewhere in second half of September, at the earliest.

All of those thinking that the project is dead should think again. There are many projects out there that occasionally have on-and-off development, often for years, before taking off bigtime again. I spent two (!) years full-time developing Hydranode, so starting to proclaim the death of the project just after couple months of slowed / non-existant development is a bit harsh, don't you think?


PS: Hydranode is OSS project, but why aren't there any OSS developers jumping in to develop while I'm busy with other things? Is Hydranode codebase really so complex that nobody is interested in learning it, or is it because developers don't believe in Hydranode being something worth developing?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

MLDonkey Import Module (experimental preview)

As the bounty payment for this module was completed yesterday, today development started on the module. Today also the first version of the module was checked into SVN, containing about 350 lines of code; it is capable of importing ed2k downloads from MLDonkey to Hydranode; no files rehashing is needed (this is different from current eMule import support, which forces files to be rehashed).

It is currently not decided whether the plugin will be available as v0.3 release add-on, but if possible I try to make it available in binary form for v0.3. The trouble is that getting around the forced rehash of imported downloads required trivial change in hncore library, which is not available in v0.3 release. If the module is released for v0.3 release, it'll still cause full rehash of all temp files (and many MLDonkey users have hundreds of pending downloads).

File status, as well as Bittorrent downloads, are not currently imported. The support is expected to be added in the coming days.

Code preview: hncore/imp_mldonkey/imp_mldonkey.cpp


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hydranode User Experience

A few weeks ago I wrote up a public memo to Hydranode developers (both current and future) about Hydranode User Experience. Since the document got very positive feedback from people of very different backgrounds, I decided to make it available publically. It's a short read, about 8 A4 pages, so grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and enjoy. Comments welcome, as always.

Hydranode User Experience (MS Word .doc format)

On other news, MLDonkey Import Module bounty was completed today, the required 80 EUR was raised. Development of the module will begin shortly, and is expected to be released publically within one week. Stay tuned.


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