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Monday, August 21, 2006

Status update

I was putting together my CV the other day, and noticed an interesting pattern. Over the last 4-5 years, I have done database programming for companies for 2-3 month periods, and then 6-12-month periods of OSS/P2P development; and after that again couple months of database development.

This pattern comes from obvious reasons - OSS/P2P development doesn't pay bills, so after a while the finacies simply run out and I'm forced to do database development once again. Hydranode project was a notable exception to this pattern, with development running for whole 20 months before I had to resort to database development this February, and again this June. This is all thanks to everyone who has donated or funded the Hydranode development over the last two years (no names due to their requests). So thank you.

What's currently going on in the database project I'm currently developing for a company is that they keep changing the spec of the system, which actually hit me back two weeks before I realized the issue and told them I won't be doing any coding at all until they finalize the spec (I assumed the initial spec they sent was also final). Anyway, current timeline suggests that I'll be stuck with this database project until mid/end of September; naturally the price went up due to the delays, and will go further up if it gets further delayed, so it's all good (actually feels rather good to be properly financed for a change :)).

Anyway, the plans on new Hydranode site are still up and open, but since I recruited Arlekin (the resident Hydranode designer) also to the database project as designer, both of our schedules are filled with that project, so the Hydranode website design/implementation isn't moving forward at all in the current state.

Anyway, we'll see what the future brings; to be completely honest I have another potential client already waiting for another database system (scheduled for October/November), but I haven't said anything concrete to them yet, so it's currently open. Whether or not I take that other project depends on many factors (some not up to me).

If you have 1-2 hour development time feature requests for Hydranode, you could post them as comments here, and I could try to fit them into my busy schedule. Only important, and small requests please - anything taking longer than few hours is unfortunately more than I can currently accept due to my filled schedule, sorry.


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