Config Member List

This is the complete list of members for Config, including all inherited members.

begin() const Config [inline, protected]
CIter typedefConfig [protected]
Config(const std::string &filename)Config
dump() const Config
end() const Config [inline, protected]
Iter typedefConfig [private]
load(const std::string &filename)Config [virtual]
m_configFileConfig [private]
m_curPathConfig [private]
m_valuesConfig [private]
read(const std::string &key, C *val, const D &def) const Config [inline]
read(const std::string &key, const C &def) const Config [inline]
save() const Config [inline, virtual]
save(const std::string &filename) const Config [virtual]
setPath(const std::string &dir)Config
size() const Config [inline]
write(const std::string &key, const T &val)Config [inline]
~Config()Config [virtual]