Detail::Chunk Member List

This is the complete list of members for Detail::Chunk, including all inherited members.

begin() const Range< uint64_t > [inline]
begin(const uint64_t &b)Range< uint64_t > [inline]
borders(const Range< X > &x) const Range< uint64_t > [inline]
Chunk(PartData *parent, uint64_t begin, uint64_t end, uint32_t size, const HashBase *hash=0)Detail::Chunk
Chunk(PartData *parent, Range64 range, uint32_t size, const HashBase *hash=0)Detail::Chunk
Chunk()Detail::Chunk [private]
contains(const Range< X > &x) const Range< uint64_t > [inline]
contains(const X &x) const Range< uint64_t > [inline]
contains(const X &x, const X &y)Range< uint64_t > [inline]
containsFull(const Range< X > &x) const Range< uint64_t > [inline]
containsFull(const X &x, const X &y)Range< uint64_t > [inline]
Detail::LockedRange classDetail::Chunk [friend]
end() const Range< uint64_t > [inline]
end(const uint64_t &e)Range< uint64_t > [inline]
erase(Range< X > *x)Range< uint64_t > [inline]
erase(const X &x, const X &y)Range< uint64_t > [inline]
getAvail() const Detail::Chunk [inline]
getSize() const Detail::Chunk [inline]
getUseCnt() const Detail::Chunk [inline]
isComplete() const Detail::Chunk
isPartial() const Detail::Chunk [inline]
isVerified() const Detail::Chunk [inline]
length() const Range< uint64_t > [inline]
merge(const Range< X > &x)Range< uint64_t > [inline]
onHashEvent(HashWorkPtr w, HashEvent evt)Detail::Chunk [private]
operator!=(const Range< X > &x) const Range< uint64_t > [inline]
operator<(const Range< X > &x) const Range< uint64_t > [inline]
operator<<(std::ostream &o, const Range &r)Range< uint64_t > [friend]
operator=(const Range< X > &x)Range< uint64_t > [inline]
operator==(const Range< X > &x) const Range< uint64_t > [inline]
operator>(const Range< X > &x) const Range< uint64_t > [inline]
Range(const X &begin, const Y &end)Range< uint64_t > [inline]
Range(const Range< X > &x)Range< uint64_t > [inline]
Range(const std::pair< X, Y > r)Range< uint64_t > [inline]
Range(std::istream &i)Range< uint64_t > [inline]
Range(const uint64_t &t)Range< uint64_t > [inline, explicit]
setAvail(uint32_t a)Detail::Chunk [inline]
setPartial(bool p)Detail::Chunk [inline]
setUseCnt(uint32_t u)Detail::Chunk [inline]
setVerified(bool v)Detail::Chunk [inline]
size_type typedefRange< uint64_t >
write(uint64_t begin, const std::string &data)Detail::Chunk [private]