HashSetBase Member List

This is the complete list of members for HashSetBase, including all inherited members.

compare(const HashSetBase &ref) const HashSetBase
getChunkCnt() const =0HashSetBase [pure virtual]
getChunkHash(uint32_t num) const =0HashSetBase [pure virtual]
getChunkHashType() const =0HashSetBase [pure virtual]
getChunkHashTypeId() const =0HashSetBase [pure virtual]
getChunkSize() const =0HashSetBase [pure virtual]
getFileHash() const =0HashSetBase [pure virtual]
getFileHashType() const =0HashSetBase [pure virtual]
getFileHashTypeId() const =0HashSetBase [pure virtual]
HashSetBase()HashSetBase [inline]
operator!=(const HashSetBase &ref) const HashSetBase [inline]
operator<<(std::ostream &o, const HashSetBase &h)HashSetBase [friend]
operator==(const HashSetBase &ref) const HashSetBase [inline]
operator[](uint32_t c) const HashSetBase [inline]
~HashSetBase()HashSetBase [inline, virtual]