Log Member List

This is the complete list of members for Log, including all inherited members.

addHandler(boost::function< void(const std::string &, MessageType type)> ha)Log [inline]
addHandler(T *obj, void(T::*ha)(const std::string &, MessageType))Log [inline]
addLogFile(const std::string &filename)Log [inline]
addMsg(MessageType t, const std::string &msg)Log [inline, private]
addPreStr(const std::string &str)Log [inline]
addTraceMask(const std::string &mask)Log [inline]
CMIter typedefLog [private]
disableTraceMask(int traceInt)Log [inline]
disableTraceMask(const std::string &mask)Log [inline]
doLogString(MessageType t, const std::string &msg)Log
doLogString(int traceMask, const std::string &msg)Log [inline]
doLogString(const std::string &mask, const std::string &msg)Log [inline]
enableTraceMask(int traceInt, const std::string &traceStr)Log [inline]
enableTraceMask(const std::string &mask)Log [inline]
FIter typedefLog [private]
getLast(uint32_t count, std::vector< std::string > *cont)Log [static]
getLastMsg()Log [inline, static]
getTraceStr(int traceMask)Log [inline, static]
hasTraceMask(int traceMask)Log [inline]
instance()Log [static]
Log()Log [private]
Log(Log &)Log [private]
logDebug(const std::string &msg)Log [friend]
logDebug(const boost::format &fmt)Log [friend]
logError(const std::string &msg)Log [friend]
logError(const boost::format &fmt)Log [friend]
logFatalError(const std::string &msg)Log [friend]
logFatalError(const boost::format &msg)Log [friend]
logMsg(const std::string &msg)Log [friend]
logMsg(const boost::format &fmt)Log [friend]
logTrace(uint32_t mask, const std::string &msg)Log [friend]
logTrace(uint32_t mask, const boost::format &msg)Log [friend]
logTrace(const std::string &mask, const std::string &msg)Log [friend]
logTrace(const std::string &mask, const boost::format &msg)Log [friend]
logWarning(const std::string &msg)Log [friend]
logWarning(const boost::format &fmt)Log [friend]
m_enabledStrMasksLog [private]
m_filesLockLog [private]
m_logFilesLog [private]
m_preStrLog [private]
m_sigLog [private]
m_strMasksLog [private]
m_traceMasksLog [private]
MIter typedefLog [private]
operator=(const Log &)Log [private]
printLast(uint32_t count)Log [static]
removeTraceMask(const std::string &mask)Log [inline]
remPreStr(const std::string &str)Log [inline]
s_iosLockLog [private, static]
s_logLog [private, static]
s_messagesLog [private, static]
sendToFiles(std::string msg)Log
~Log()Log [private]