Object Member List

This is the complete list of members for Object, including all inherited members.

addChild(Object *child)Object [private]
begin() const Object
CIter typedefObject
DECLARE_EVENT_TABLE(Object *, ObjectEvent)Object
delChild(Object *child)Object [private]
doOper(const Operation &oper)Object [virtual]
end() const Object
findObject(ObjectId id)Object [static]
getChild(uint32_t id) const Object
getChildCount() const Object
getData(uint8_t num) const Object [virtual]
getDataCount() const Object [virtual]
getFieldName(uint8_t num) const Object [virtual]
getFieldType(uint8_t num) const Object [virtual]
getId() const Object [inline]
getName() const Object
getOper(uint8_t n) const Object [virtual]
getOperCount() const Object [virtual]
getParent() const Object
getValueChoices(std::vector< std::string > *cont) const Object [virtual]
hasChildren() const Object
Iter typedefObject [private]
m_childrenObject [private]
m_idObject [private]
m_nameObject [private]
m_parentObject [private]
notify(ObjectId source, ObjectEvent event)Object [protected]
notify(ObjectEvent event=OBJ_MODIFIED)Object [protected]
Object(Object *parent, const std::string &name="")Object [protected]
Object()Object [private]
Object(const Object &)Object [private]
onChildAdded(ObjectId id)Object [protected, virtual]
onChildRemoved(ObjectId id)Object [protected, virtual]
operator=(Object &)Object [private]
s_usedIdsObject [private, static]
setData(uint8_t num, const std::string &data)Object [virtual]
setName(const std::string &name)Object
setParent(Object *newParent)Object
~Object()Object [protected, virtual]