Socket::_Endl Class Reference

#include <sockets.h>

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Detailed Description

Line ending object, similar to std::endl.

When dealing with plain-text protocols over sockets,
is used to indicate newline. Usage:

 SocketClient *c;
 *c << "Message" << Socket::Endl;

Definition at line 572 of file sockets.h.

Public Member Functions

 operator std::string ()
 Output operator to Sockets.


bool operator== (const std::string &s, const _Endl &)
 Comparison operator to check if string is line end.

Member Function Documentation

Socket::_Endl::operator std::string  )  [inline]

Output operator to Sockets.

Definition at line 575 of file sockets.h.

References operator std::string().

Referenced by operator std::string().

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator== const std::string &  s,
const _Endl

Comparison operator to check if string is line end.

Definition at line 579 of file sockets.h.

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